Exam Results


We are very proud of the academic achievements of our students. Students at Soar Valley achieve some of the highest results in the city year after year, and progress measures are consistently strong.

Performance information - What has changed for 2017?

The way that schools’ performance measures are judged has changed in each of the last two years. New GCSEs have been taken by students in English and mathematics. These qualifications are graded from 9 to 1, rather than from A* to G as previously, and therefore cannot be compared with previous years’ results.


A key performance measure for schools is the proportion of students who attained a ‘Good Pass’ in these subjects (grade 4 or above). A ‘Strong Pass’ is considered to be grade 5 and above. For English, it is the student’s best grade of English Language and Literature which is included.


English & Maths

English Language


% Grade 4+




% Grade 5+




The national figures for Grade 4+ in English Language, Literature and Mathematics are 62.1%, 72.6% and 59.4%.  As can be seen, Soar Valley’s results are significantly above national and, as such, demonstrate excellent levels of progress for our students from their starting points on entry in year 7.

We are also very proud of the achievement of our most able students, with 24%, 18% and 23% of our students gaining Grade 7 and above in English Literature, Language and mathematics, compared with 19%, 14% and 16% nationally.

Progress Measures

Progress 8 is a calculation based on the achievement across 8 subjects for each student and based on whether they met, exceeded or were below their expected performance in each subject. A figure is then calculated for the whole school. -0.5 is considered to be the ‘floor standard’, or the minimum expected standard set by the government. This figure was 0.29 for Soar Valley in 2016, and has risen to 0.51 in 2017.  This means our students make significantly more progress than their peers nationally on average, and indicates very strong performance.

The English Baccalaureate

The EBacc is a measure that continues to be reported on. This year 22% of students gained the EBacc, meaning they gained grade C/grade 5 or above in English, Maths, Science, and two from Geography, History and French or German. This figure cannot be compared with previous years due to the changes to grading systems as outlined above.

Given that our policy is to not enforce any particular option choices on students, this is a pleasing figure and a reflection of the breadth of our curriculum. At Soar Valley, students who are capable of doing the EBacc are advised that this is a pathway that they should consider but they are not made to do so if their interests and abilities lie in other subjects.

Attainment 8

This is the average grade that students obtained in their GCSEs at a school, for 2017 this is 48.67.  Given that our students have very varied starting points when they enter the school in year 7, this is a very impressive outcome and represents outstanding progress, as outlined and evidenced above.

Destination measures

A measure of a school’s success is how well-prepared students are for the next stage in their life. In 2017 96.5% of our students were in full-time education, employment or training by November 1st, 9 students of a total cohort of 260. This reflects the strong emphasis in school on careers education and preparation for working life.

The percentage of students staying in education or entering employment after KS4 is above national figures. 95% of our students went into sustained education. 1.6% went into employment. The majority of students are now in a sixth form college (64%), with 5% of students going to a school’s sixth form and 26% of students into further education.


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