Key Stage 4 Curriculum

At Soar Valley we currently operate a two-week timetable, with 50 lessons of one hour each.

In years 10 and 11 some subjects are compulsory. These are shown in the table below. In addition, there are three options subjects.



For the majority of students this leads to two GCSEs, one in English Language and one in English Literature



Students in the top sets will have the opportunity to study for a further qualification in y11



Most students will gain two GCSEs in Core and Additional Science. Triple science is available through the options for more able students

French or German


All students at level 5 or above across most of their subjects are expected to study a modern foriegn language (unless they have already achieved a GCSE language qualification).

Students not working at this level may choose French or German if they wish.

Those not studying French or German will have an additional option subject from a limited range.

Religious Studies


Started in year 9, most students will attain a full GCSE

Physical Education


A non-GCSE course to meet the needs and interests of students

Personal Development


A non-GCSE course in Personal, Health, Social, Citizenship and Economic education, which covers many key areas and skills

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