Dear Parent/Carer

We have made some changes to the way in which we offer students in Years 7, 8 and 9 the opportunity to go on our end of year visits

The trips are organised to recognise students who have high levels of effort, good attendance, punctuality and behaviour. Due to limited availability of spaces, we can only offer 150 spaces per year group and so we will be distributing letters to students in phases. These phases are outlined below.

If a student meets the criteria, they will be given a letter and will have a window of opportunity to respond before the spaces are offered to others.

Please note that despite potentially meeting the criteria we reserve the right to withdraw the offer if students have been involved in incidents of poor, dangerous or uncooperative behaviour.

Phase 1

  • Students who have achieved effort level 5s in all of their subjects
  • Students with 100% Attendance and good effort levels

Phase 2

  • Students who have achieved an average effort grade of 4 and above, with good levels of attendance.

Phase 3

  • If places are still available after phase 2, letters will then be available to those that have not met the criteria above.

Students who are unable to attend the trips will remain in school where there will be able to choose a number of planned activities they wish to take part in and it essential they attend.