Pastoral Support

Every student who enters Soar Valley is assigned to a year group under the overall control and guidance of Heads of Year.  The day to day welfare (or pastoral care) system of the College is based around the Form Tutors and the Assistant Heads of Year.  The Form Tutors, who usually move through the College with their forms, take responsibility for the well-being and progress of the students in their form.  They check their attendance and punctuality, their appearance, their attitude to work and their behaviour.  They advise students who have problems, offer them support and, when necessary, consult parents.  They discuss individual student's reports and progress with parents at our Progress Review Day.

In this important pastoral role the Form Tutors work closely with all their colleagues along with the College Welfare Department, Pastoral Support Workers. They are supported by Heads of Year, Assistant Heads of Year, Assistant Vice Principals, Vice Principals and the Principal.  Our care guidance and support system was described as ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted in our recent report.

If parents are in any way concerned about their child's well-being or progress, they are urged to get in touch with the College promptly.  In most cases the Form Tutors and the Heads of Year and the Assistant Heads of Year for the year group can help since they usually know the students best but other staff are always willing to see parents to discuss their concerns.  Parents are however asked to make appointments whenever possible since teachers have heavy commitments and cannot always make themselves available if parents visit the College without notice.

Each year group has a weekly assembly in the Main Hall, with Form Tutors and the Heads of Year and the Assistant Heads of Year present.  Others, including outside speakers are invited during the course of the year.