Our School

Meet the Staff

Leadership Team

Mrs J Robinson Principal
Mr N Pabari Vice-Principal
Mr N MacDougall Vice-Principal
Mr W Wowczuk Assistant Principal
Mr K Vernon Assistant Principal
Mr G Holyland Assistant Principal & Head of Faculty
Mr C Springthorpe Assistant Principal
Mrs J Brandwood Business Manager

Teaching Staff


Miss R Ost Head of Faculty
Miss E Charlton Assistant Head of Faculty
Ms J Clark Teaching & Learning Coach
Ms K Grainger  
Mrs C Holyland  
Ms A Jeffery  
Mrs Y Lakhi  
Mr A Emerson  
Mr N Pabari Vice Principal
Ms D Scott Head of Year 9
Mrs C Rodway  
Miss M Cockerill Key Stage 3 Leader
Mr R Hatto  
Miss N Patel  


Mr G Holyland Assistant Principal & Head of Faculty
Miss L Hall Assistant Head of Faculty and Lead Practitioner
Mrs J K Chandarana  
Mrs J Robinson Principal
Mr S Louth  
Mr M Bhogaita  
Ms R Clarke KS3 Leader
Mrs S Champaneria  
Miss Z Robinson Head of Year 8
Miss S Rizvi  
Miss D Boansi  
Miss S Dove  
Mr C Springthorpe Assistant Principal


Mr W Ridgeway Head of Faculty
Mrs B Yadav Assistant Head of Faculty
Mr M Stevenson KS3 Leader
Mr R Chelley  
Mr J Knowles  
Mrs P Vather  
Mrs D Bradbury  
Mrs L Mapara Head of Year 11
Miss H Kali  
Mrs J Riddick  
Mr K Vernon Assistant Principal


Mr M Osborne Head of Faculty
Mrs N Mistry Assistant Head of Faculty
Mr S Kadiri  

Modern Foreign Languages

Ms R Bonnell Head of Faculty
Miss G Macey Assistant Head of Faculty
Mrs I Cobourne  
Ms K Jivanji  
Mrs C Cownley  
Mrs S Simpkin  
Ms S Ofir  

Religious Education

Miss E Wayne Head of Department & SMSC Co-ordinator
Miss J Sanderson Assistant Head of Department & Active Citizenship Co-ordinator
Mr M Thomas  


Mr S Flynn Head of Department
Miss R Wakefield Assistant Head of Department
Mr J Styles  
Mr T Webb Subject Leader Business Studies
Mr J Kelly  
Mr R Oxspring  


Mr S Renshaw Lead Practitioner
Miss G Bailey  
Mrs R Aston Head of Department
Mr W Wowczuk Assistant Principal
Mr N MacDougall Vice-Principal

Design & Technology

Mrs J Moore Head of Faculty
Mr M Sutton Assistant Head of Faculty
Mrs D Oliff Subject Leader for Food
Miss L Reeves  
Miss N Woollands  

Creative Arts

Mr K Miskelly Head of Faculty
Mrs R Carter  
Ms C Houlton Careers Co-ordinator
Miss M Kaur Head of Department
Ms R Oughton Head of Year 7
Ms B Carter  
Mr A Warner  

Physical Education

Mr J Cherrington Head of Faculty
Mr A Dunstan Head of Year 11
Mr T Middleton  
Mrs C Whibley Assistant Head of Faculty
Mrs H Whitmore Staff Welfare
Mrs K Warner  

Health and Social Care

Mrs L Burns Head of Enrichment

PSHE & Citizenship

Mrs S Raja Head of Department

Learning Development

Mrs C Loasby SENCo
Mrs C Wain Assistant Head of Faculty
Miss C Swain Inclusion Manager
Mrs J Megginson  

Support Staff


Mrs P Patel Senior ICT Technician
Mrs K Agnihotri ICT Technician
Mr J Shipp Capita Customer Service Engineer

Business Manager

Mrs J Brandwood Business Manager


Mrs G Bohgal Examinations Officer
Mrs S Patel Data Assessment Reporting Manager
Mrs L Saunders Finance & Hire Assistant and Reprographics
Mrs S Stone Principal's P.A.
Ms H Savani Finance Manager
Ms P Mandalia Faculty Admin Assistant


Mrs D Currie Cover Manager
Mrs M Lad Student Admin Assistant
Mrs K Kabir Receptionist & Admin Assistant
Mrs L Nolan Receptionist & Admin Assistant

Faculty Admin Assistants

Mrs A Ballard Faculty Admin Assistant
Mrs M Lad English & Maths
Mrs S Burnell Faculty Admin Assistant

Design & Technology

Mr S Grainger Technician
Mr I Abdulla Technician
Miss B Darbar Technician

Science Technicians

Mr A Ebrahim Senior Science Technician
Mr B Richardson Science Technician


Mrs R Eldridge Learning Resource Centre Manager

Teaching Assistants

Mrs G Bilimoria Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Crawford Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Cragg Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Kashahu Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Pickering Teaching Assistant
Miss K Warner Teaching Assistant
Miss E Rees Teaching Assistant
Mr A John Teaching Assistant
Mrs B Kaur Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Burford Learning Support Co-ordinator / Teaching Assistant
Mr M Williams Teaching Assistant
Miss H Parmar Teaching Assistant
Ms M Grant Teaching Assistant
Ms Waraich Teaching Assistant
Ms H Dexter Teaching Assistant
Ms E Harris Teaching Assistant
Miss F Hope Teaching Assistant
Ms K Hughes Teaching Assistant

Student Support

Mrs C Swain Inclusion Manager
Mr V Patel Pastoral Support Worker / Mentor
Mrs K Patel Pastoral Support Worker
Miss H Smitham  
Mrs L Moore Attendance & Welfare Assistant

Assistant Heads Of Years

Mrs S Withers Assistant Head Of Year 7
Mr D Tyers Assistant Head Of Year 8
Mrs B Williams Assistant Head Of Year 9
Miss J O'Flynn Assistant Head Of Year 10
Mrs L Harrison Assistant Head Of Year 11

PE Support

Amir Badshah Sports Apprentice

Cover Supervisors

Miss S Cole Cover Supervisor
Miss S Dhaliwal Cover Supervisor
Miss Y Abdi Cover Supervisor

Midday Supervisors

Mrs S Patel Midday Supervisor
Mrs N Shah Midday Supervisor
Mrs R Solanki Midday Supervisor
Mrs H Modi Midday Supervisor
Mrs A Smith Midday Supervisor
Ms S Hutchins Midday Supervisor
Mrs S Tank Midday Supervisor
Ms A Ladak Midday Supervisor
Mrs S Hussein Midday Supervisor
Ms B Kaur Midday Supervisor
Ms R Taylor Midday Supervisor