Your School Careers Adviser is:  Mrs Patel (F66/F67)

Your Connexions Adviser is: Mrs Karim

The Big Assembly

On Tuesday 7th March, the whole of the Soar Valley College Year 9 cohort took part in The Big Assembly. This was a nationwide webinar which offered careers advice on apprenticeships to students all over the country. Over 5000 schools logged on in an attempt to make it into The Guinness Book of Records!

Careers Talks

This term sees the launch of the new programme of Careers Talks. These sessions are opened to Year 8 – Year 11. Professionals come in to the college and share their expertise with our students, explain routes in to specific career sectors and provide interested students with an overview of available career opportunities within each field. So far we have had Engineering, NHS and Performing Arts. Upcoming are Law, Banking, Finance and IT.

Year 8

The programme for year 8 careers education is currently being developed though personal development lessons and tutor period.

Last academic year, a small group of year 8 students attended De Montfort University for a full day to explore “life skills”. The skills that the students will be working with are aimed to develop their understanding and ability to function as an independent, inquiring young adult and the session takes place in a university, this working to encourage their thinking about their future aspirations and ideas.

Year 9   

Year 9 students have a busy start to the year as they begin to prepare for making their options choices in February.  All students study a unit of work based upon careers which help to prepare them for their options choices.

Last academic year, 60 students attended a University Experience day at Leicester University. This was a brilliant experience for those involved and students had an exciting day that covered a range of activities that might be needed in higher education. The response from students and staff was hugely positive.

As their options choices loom, Year 9 students take part in Options hour, whereupon Year 10 students lead the session and provide honest accounts of the GCSE options from first-hand experience 

Year 10

Year 10 becomes a very busy time for careers education. Through tutor periods and citizenship lessons, students gain education on ways to successfully plan their future, research into courses and careers, work on relationships and personal finance, paid work and tax.

In addition, various departments offer workshops and masterclasses that work to promote and encourage students’ career planning.  

Year 10 students have a vital role in supporting Year 9 students make their options choices.

Year 11 

Year 11 students continue the progression from development week. Students have a very busy start to the year. In their first term, students complete a Careers Management module whereupon they look at their own strengths, weaknesses, skills and experiences to help them to apply for appropriate KS5 places via UCAS progress.

Students will be given their log-ins to the site imminently and will then commence their application process.

Soar Valley hosts Post 16 options evening on Thursday October 1st from 6-8.30pm.


The careers education curriculum at Soar Valley is continuing to develop.


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