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In the Music Department we have excellent accommodation and facilities, One ICT suite with 16 computers with Sibelius 5, Cubasis 4, Reason 5, and Dance Ejay 7. All computers are linked to midi keyboards, one main classroom for Key stage 3 teaching, five rehearsal rooms, and a recording studio. All teaching and rehearsal rooms have drum kits, keyboards, guitar amps and PA system.

Music at Soar Valley College follows the National Curriculum for Music at Year 7 and 8. The content is as follows:

Year 7

  • Graphic Scores
  • Keyboard Skills
  • Pitched Ostinato
  • Tribal Music
  • Rong Notes

Year 8

  • Popular Styles of the Keyboard
  • Andean Music
  • Music for a Game Show
  • Reggae Music
  • Rock Band

In Year 9, pupils follow ‘Musical Futures’ course which focuses more on performing and composing in the Rock, Pop Hip-Hop genres using drums, keyboards, vocals, guitar and bass guitar. Pupils also look at the recording industry, and learn how to use various multi-track recording programmes, such as Cubasis and Reason. Throughout Year 9 all performance and composing band work is recorded in the Live Recording Studio. Pupils have the experience of recording in a professional studio.

In Key Stage 4 we currently follow Rock School Access to Music course which is equivalent to three GCSE’s. Pupils have the freedom to choose their own unit of work, from two pathways – Performing Musician and Creative Producer. Throughout the course pupils have the opportunity to perform in their bands at various events – such as Battle of the Bands and Performance Evenings.

At Soar Valley we offer an extensive range of peripatetic coaching (Keyboard, Drum, Flute, Saxophone, Guitar and Bass). Extra-curricular activities take place every lunch-time (Drumming group, Rock Bands, Vocal groups, Guitar group, and Keyboard groups) and pupils are encouraged to run their own bands at lunch and after school.

Throughout the academic year pupils have the opportunity to perform in Assemblies, College Musicals, Talent Shows, Battle of the bands, Celebration Evenings, and Music Concerts.

Key Stage three assessment descriptors are attached below.  The “learning pathway” (e.g.  8-9) indicates the likely GCSE grade that a student may expect at the end of year 11, based upon both their current attainment and year of study. 



Bringing Creativity to Life! - Battle of the Bands review by Anna Mkanza 10.8